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Berlin Township Office

3271 Cheshire Road
Delaware, Ohio 43015

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The Berlin Township Trustees may be reached by email or by calling 740-548-6350.

Ron Bullard

Tom D’Amico

Ken O’Brien

Fiscal Officer

Claudia Smith
740-548-6350  ext. 100

Berlin Township Fire Dept.

Station 390
2708 Lackey Old State Rd.
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Chief Craig Hall

Assistant Chief Joe Pichert

Lt. Steve Arnold – Fire Prevention


Berlin Township is located in Delaware County Ohio approximately 5.5 miles north of the Columbus City limits. The Township is a mixture of commercial, farm and residential properties with a total area of approximately 22.5 square miles. Centered within Berlin Township is Alum Creek Lake and State Park, a popular recreational area. Our population is approximately 6500 residents which has been gradually increasing each year due to the popularity of the area, the Olentangy School District and the proximity of the Township to Columbus Ohio. Services provided by the Township include a Roads Department, Zoning Department, Cemeteries and Fire Department.





Click Here – Joint Request for “Solid Waste Bid” Package

The Boards of Trustees for Berkshire Township, Berlin Township and Delaware Township, of Delaware County, Ohio (hereinafter “Boards”), hereby collectively request bids for residential solid waste, recyclable materials, and yard waste collection and delivery for processing or disposal for the collective unincorporated areas of Berkshire Township, Berlin Township and Delaware Township, Delaware County, Ohio (collectively “Townships”).

 Bids will be received by the Boards, care of Claudia Smith, at the Berlin Township Offices located at 3271 Cheshire Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015, during standard business hours (8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) beginning September 24, 2018 until 12:00 p.m. (noon) local time on October 15, 2018. Bids received after this date and time shall not be considered and will be returned unopened.

At 1:05 p.m. on October 15, 2018 at the Berlin Township Offices, bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. The time, date, and place of bid openings may be extended to a later date by the Boards. Written or oral notice of the change shall be given to all persons who have received or requested a Request for Bids Package (“RFB”) not later than ninety-six (96) hours prior to the original time and date fixed for the opening. All bids shall be considered valid until sixty (60) days after the bid opening date although not accepted or rejected.

This contract generally requires the provision of all equipment, vehicles, labor, and materials necessary to provide residential solid waste, recyclable materials, and yard waste collection and delivery for processing or disposal services within the unincorporated areas of the Townships, and to all Township-owned facilities without charge to the Townships.

The selected contractor shall also coordinate, hold, and conduct an informational public meeting in each Township to educate residents on service transition and establishing accounts for Householders requiring service.

All services shall be provided and performed in accordance with the provisions of the RFB. A full RFB containing the terms and conditions of the contract, together with detailed technical specifications and bid documents, can be obtained during standard business hours (8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) beginning September 24, 2018 at the Berlin Township offices located at 3271 Cheshire Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015, online at the Boards’ respective Internet websites (www.berkshiretwp.org, www.berlintwp.us, www.delawaretownshipohio.org), or by calling Claudia Smith at (740) 548-6350 ext. 100.

The term of this contract will be three (3) years, extending from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021, with the potential for a mutually agreed extension for a period of one (1) to three (3) additional years.

Bids must be submitted on the forms contained in the RFB; shall contain the full name of each person, party, or parties submitting the bid and all persons interested therein; shall have all blank spaces completed; and shall be enclosed in a sealed opaque envelope addressed and submitted to Claudia Smith, at the Berlin Township Offices located at 3271 Cheshire Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015. The envelope shall be clearly marked: “Solid Waste Bid.”

Each bidder is required to furnish, at the time of its bid, security in accordance with O.R.C. §§ 307.88 and 153.54, et seq. Security shall be either a bond or certified check, cashier’s check, or money order on a solvent bank or savings and loan association in the amount of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00), conditioned that the bidder, if the bidder’s bid is accepted, shall execute a contract in conformity with the RFB and the bid. Security furnished in bond form shall be issued by a surety company or corporation licensed in the State of Ohio to provide said surety.

The successful bidder shall be required to faithfully perform all things to be done under the contract. Accordingly, a performance bond in the full amount (100%) of the contract shall, as a condition of entering the contract, be required from the successful bidder.

A pre-bid conference will take place at the Berlin Township Offices located at 3271 Cheshire Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015 at 2:00 p.m. on October 3, 2018.

Each bid shall be accompanied by a complete statement of qualifications.

The Boards collectively reserve the right to select the bidder deemed to have submitted the lowest and best bid, as determined solely by the Boards and/or their representative(s); to reject any and/or all bids, or any portion of any and/or all bids; to waive informalities or irregularities that do not affect the substance of the Specifications and contents of the RFB; and to award a contract in the manner deemed to be in the best interest of the Townships.

In accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 307.87, this notice shall be advertised in its entirety once a week for not less than two (2) consecutive weeks preceding the day of the opening of bids in a newspaper of general circulation within the Townships and posted on the Boards’ respective Internet websites.  This notice is also posted in its entirety on the public notice website established under Ohio Revised Code Section 125.182 at publicnoticesohio.com.

This notice is also posted in its entirety on a bulletin board located in a public place in the Boards’ respective offices or other suitable public places.  Such notice is so posted for at least two (2) weeks preceding the day of the opening of the bids.

By Resolution of:

Berkshire Township Board of Trustees

Berlin Township Board of Trustees

Delaware Township Board of Trustees

Claudia Smith, Fiscal Office


The Berlin Township Zoning Commission will hold a meeting for the purpose of public hearing September 25, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Berlin Township Hall located at 3271 Cheshire Road, Delaware, OH 43015 in order to consider an application to amend the Berlin Zoning Resolution, designated as BZC 17-007, filed by Peachblow Land II LLC, Kenny Asset Management LLC, Triangle Properties Inc., 470 Olde Worthington Road, Suite 101, Westerville, OH 43082.. The applicant is requesting approval of a preliminary development plan known as Berlin Meadows, Parcel’s #41833001016000; 41833001014000; & 41833001094000; from Farm Residential District (FR-1) to R-3 with a Planned Residential District Overlay (R-3/PRD) 193.3 ± acres, 1162 Peachblow Road, O Peachblow Road & 663 Shanahan Road, Lewis Center, OH 43035. The text and map of this application will be available for public examination, excluding legal holidays September 14-25, Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Berlin Township Zoning Office located at 3271 Cheshire Rd., Delaware, OH 43015. Also, you can find the text and map on the Berlin Township website www.berlintwp.us After the conclusion of the hearing, the matter will be submitted to the Board of Township Trustees for its action. The person responsible for giving notice of the public hearing by publication is Cathy Rippel. Township residents are encouraged to attend.

Application | Planned Development Overview | Overall Illustrative Plan | Master Development Summary | Exhibit A-1: Surrounding Property Owners | Exhibit B-1 & B-2: Legal Description and Survey | Exhibit C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6: Development Plans, Lot Size Chart, Phasing Plan, Existing Features Plan, Illustrative Plan | Exhibit D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-6: Landscape Plans and Open Space Plans | Exhibit E-1 through E-11: Utility Plan and Letters | Exhibit F-1: Bank Letter | Exhibit G-1: Structure Separation | Exhibit H-1: Sample Declaration of Covenants/Deed Restrictions

Toni Korleski, Chairwoman

Chapter 4, Community Vision and Priorities

Berlin Township Residents, Zoning Commission needs your help!

Berlin Township Zoning Commission is updating the 2010 Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  We would like you to take a look at Chapter 4, Community Vision and Priorities.   If you have a comment please email it to zoningsecretary@berlintwp.us  and I will be sure to get your comment to the commission members.



Fire Department

Fire Prevention
The Berlin Township Fire Prevention Office performs fire inspections annually to all of the 135 plus businesses located within the township. Responsibilities include enforcing the Ohio State Fire Code as it relates to new construction, remodeling of businesses, change of business usage in an existing structure and annual fire inspections to all commercial properties.

Visit the Fire Prevention page and discover tips to help you prevent fires at your location.

Zoning Department

We’re here to help
The zoning office is here to assist you with all zoning issues and regulations. Please contact us for help and/or information before you decide to embark on a project. We will endeavor to be of assistance in any way possible.

Zoning Commission meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Starting at 7 PM at 3271 Cheshire Rd., Delaware, OH  43015

Zoning Appeals meet as needed at 7 PM at 3271 Cheshire Rd., Delaware, OH  43015

Roads Department

Delaware County Roads in Berlin Township

  • Africa Road
  • Berlin Station Road
  • Cheshire Road
  • Dunham Road
  • Gregory Road
  • Lackey Old State Road
  • N 3 B’s & K Road
  • N Old State Road
  • Peachblow Road
  • S Old State Road


Sexton Cemetery
Larry Buell
6867 Cheshire Road
Galena, OH 43021
614-738-3979 Cell
740-548-6349 Home

Cheshire Cemetery
3271 Cheshire Road
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Peachblow Cemetery
(no longer active)
3247 Peachblow Road
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Important Announcements


We are starting to update the 2010 comprehensive land use plan for the township. It will take approximately one year to identify the issues and options, listen to public input and complete the plan. The Zoning Commission meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, at 7 PM, 3271 Cheshire Road, Delaware, OH  and the public is encouraged to attend these meetings and make their opinions known. Comprehensive land use plans are advisory documents that may lend support as the basis for new zoning decisions.

Future land use and development of the township is an issue of great importance to all citizens of Berlin Township. A well drafted and supported comprehensive plan will help identify which areas of the township are best for residential development and which should be reserved for commercial and industrial development. The updated plan will take into consideration many factors such as existing roads, sewer availability, growth and development of abutting municipalities, environmental factors and community input.

We want your involvement and input in this process so that we can try to find a common ground and outline a future which best meets the hopes and expectations of our citizens. Please look for more on this subject on our website, Look for Comprehensive Land Use.

The Berlin Township Trustees are taking applications for a 2nd Alternate position with the Board of Zoning Appeals. The Board of Zoning Appeals meet on as needed basis. This is a paid position. If interested please fill out an application which you fill find below. You can email, drop-off or mail to Claudia Smith, Fiscal Officer, 3271 Cheshire Road, Delaware, OH 43015 email: clerk@berlintwp.us

Township Hall Rental 
The township hall is available for Berlin Township residents to rent provided someone has not reserved it first. Cost is $85.00 with a refund of $50.00 sent back to you provided the hall is left in the same condition as you found it. The capacity is eighty people and there are kitchen facilities. Please contact Cathy Rippel at (740)548-5217 ex.102 to reserve it.

Resident Hall Rental Application with Rules