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Fire Prevention Information


Smoke Detectors Save Lives

  1. For minimum protection, install a smoke detector outside of each bedroom or sleeping area in your home. Keep your bedroom doors closed while you are asleep. Better, install detectors on every level of your home.
  2. Keep your smoke detectors properly maintained. Test them once a week to ensure that the detectors are working properly. Every Spring and Fall when you change your clocks, remember to change your smoke alarm batteries. Use only the type of batteries recommended on the detector.
  3. If your smoke detector sounds an alarm when no smoke is present, it may be defective or it might have a low battery. If smoke from cooking materials causes the detector to sound an alarm, do not remove the batteries or disconnect the power source. Simply fan the smoke away from the detector until the alarm stops. If this happens frequently, it may be necessary to relocate the detector or install a different type of detector.
  4. Develop an escape plan and review the plan with all members of the family frequently. Be aware that children and elderly people may need special assistance should a fire occur. Establish a meeting place outside the house for all members of the family to ensure that everyone gets out safely. When fire occurs, get out of the house and use a neighbor’s telephone to notify the Fire Department

The Berlin Township Fire Department’s Smoke Detector program is designed to assist our residents with the installation and inspection of their residential detectors. If you would like us to assist you with testing or battery replacement of your smoke detectors please call for an appointment at (740) 548-6031.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide detectors can be of great benefit to the safety of the occupants of any structure. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends installing at least one carbon monoxide detector in each home. The Berlin Township Fire Department recommends that you place a detector on each floor including basements. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless odorless gas that is a product of any combustion process. Relatively low concentrations of this gas can cause serious health risks, and even death. Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental deaths by poisoning, and is responsible for over 1500 deaths and 10,000 illnesses per year. Symptoms may include headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizzy spells and confusion.

The key to avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning is early detection of dangerous levels of the gas by a carbon monoxide detector. However, the carbon monoxide detector is in no way a replacement for smoke detectors. It is a separate detector used to supplement your home safety.

Procedure if an alarm sounds: If anyone has a headache, upset stomach, or other symptoms: call 9-1-1 immediately and move to a location which has fresh air.


If no one exhibits symptoms of discomfort associated with carbon monoxide poisoning, simply;

  • Operate reset button
  • Turn off appliances, vehicle, or other sources of combustion at once (furnace, water heater, wood burning stove, RV, automobile, etc)
  • Get fresh air into premises
  • Call a qualified technician and have the problem fixed before re-starting appliances

Although there needs to be an urgency about a detector sounding, it is important to realize that these detectors activate at minimal concentrations. A sounding carbon monoxide detector does not indicate an immediate emergency unless there are people experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Contacts: For additional information concerning carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide detectors or Fire Department response procedures please feel free to contact the Berlin Township Fire Department at (740) 548-6031